Cryptocurrency - The Cryptoreport

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This course is designed to help you understand the cryptocurrency and associated operations and give you the ability to buy, pay and trade in cryptocurrencies.

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What is the course about?

The course “The Cryptoreport” gives you an overview of the different crypto currencies and how they – with Bitcoins – make and receive payments and what you have to pay attention to protect your digital money!

  • Understand cryptocurrencies
  • Mining and Trading
  • Everything about Wallets
  • Risks of the cryptocurrency

The course is divided into the following 9 modules:

  1. Understand cryptocurrencies
  2. In this module you will get the basic knowledge and an introduction to the basic concepts of crypto currencies, mining and possible attacks on these payment systems. Also you will be able to consider the differences to “normal” currencies in more detail in this module.

  3. Mining
  4. In this module you will learn everything about mining. It does not matter if you want to dig with your own hardware or rather in the cloud. We will also show you how to find out for yourself if and if so which variant is the right one for you (also in terms of profitability).

  5. Wallets
  6. In this module, you’ll learn everything about wallets and how you can keep your crypto currencies safe and what you need to pay attention to.

  7. Buy, receive and use BTC
  8. This module is about all the things that are important to buying, selling, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies.

  9. Legality and taxation
  10. As the title of this module suggests, this is about all tax and legal issues related to cryptocurrencies.

  11. Thirteen Cryptos overview
  12. This module gives you an overview of the thirteen currently strongest cryptocurrencies, each with a brief overview of the specific features.

  13. Trading
  14. In this module, you will learn basic things about trading and can start your trading career with the help of the 8-step plan.

  15. Risks
  16. This module is again about the risks associated with the cryptocurrencies.

  17. FAQ
  18. In this module, we return to the frequently asked questions about cryptocurrencies.

What you will learn in this course

The course “The Cryptoreport” will teach you the following:

Basic knowledge of cryptocurrency

You will learn the basics of cryptocurrency. Furthermore you will learn the origin and the story.

Cryptocurrency mining

Everything about cryptocurrency mining – provide computing power and rewards.

Trading with cryptocurrency

The 8-step plan teaches you everything you really need to know about trading.

Legal and risks

The cryptocurrency also brings with it some risks and legal issues. This course will teach you what to look for.

Course Modules

The Cryptoreport is divided into different modules. These are the following:

Modul 1


(includes 15 videos)

Modul 2


(includes 8 videos)

Modul 3


(includes 11 videos)

Modul 4

Buy, receive and use BTC

(includes 6 videos)

Modul 5

Legality and Taxation

(includes 6 videos)

Modul 6

Thirteen Cryptos overview

(includes 4 videos)

Modul 7


(includes 20 videos)

Modul 8


(includes 2 videos)

Modul 9


(includes 12 videos)

Modul 10

The Cryptoreport eBook

(over 200 pages)

Free course

Take a look at our free course and learn more about the history and origin of the cryptocurrency, as well as the basics!

What you get

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There you can view the different modules and use the knowledge you have learned to your advantage.

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Cryptocurrency basics

The origin

The history

basic knowledge

Course “The Cryptoreport”


one-time payment

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installment payments

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Extensive know-how

Mining, Trading


Buy, receive, use bitcoins

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